Day 60!!! And yes I’m still here, quietly observing ;)

So today marks 60 days of being completely AF. I’ve been planning to write posts multiple times in the past month but life has been so darn busy that I just never seemed to get around to it. I figure with today being a bit of a milestone that I maybe should do one 🙂

The past two months have actually been pretty awesome over all, definitely much improved from the 12 months prior when I was allowing alcohol in my life again. It’s funny, I thought as long as I kept it to what would be considered “moderate consumption” or less (for the most part…) that it should be fine. Although I was increasingly aware of the fact that even a few drinks 2-3 times per month were having a negative effect on me that lasted well beyond when the drinks stopped, I really couldn’t have fathomed how huge those effects were until I removed it completely again. I’m sleeping wayyyyyy better, I’m physically active pretty much every Day, I’m definitely more productive, I’ve finally had the motivation to drastically improve (still not perfect and never will be) my eating habbits and my attitude/general mental health have improved greatly!

Yesterday I decided to step (or jump actually) outside of my comfort zone. I’m scared of heights, always have been, but I REALLY wanted to do a climbing “adventure” course that’s only about an hour from where I live. I have been wanting to do this since the place opened a few years ago but couldn’t seem to get up the guts to do it. Well yesterday I did, I grabbed a friend and away we went! Two straight hours of climbing across ropes, cables, ladders, tires, etc at anywhere from 20-40 feet in the air followed by some zip lining! Was a scared?? HELL YES!!! Was it worth it?? ABSOLUTELY! And YES, I will most definitely do it again!

I’m also back to crossfit, have been for about a month, as well as doing spin class. I have a long way to go to be where I want with crossfit especially but I know if I put the time and work in I will get there eventually. I’m trying soooooo damn hard to focus on performance and inches lost vs the actual scale but man that’s a hard one! I have at least 20lbs of fat that needs to come off my body but trying to do it slowly and drop my all or nothing mentality is going most likely be my biggest challenge of all, luckily though I do tend to like a good challenge! Have any of you had this and managed to actually get there without being obsessed with the scale? I would love to hear your tips if you did!

Well I don’t have much more exciting news at the moment but I will try to post again sooner this time. To everyone who puts themselves out there and writes blogs here, especially on subjects like sobriety and self improvement I thank you. You all inspire me daily!


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