24 Days and its looking like a beauty of one!

I said when I decided to make these changes that if I could carry on past the 3 week mark then I would know that I had a reasonable chance of following through, and I have!! I can’t believe its already almost a month. A MONTH! Even though I’ve had quite a few spells since fall where I would go a week or two without having a drink I definitely hadn’t gone a full month in the past year, before that year yes, I had gone 8 months but it took a lottttttt of determination to stick with it much of the time. That being said I do remember that it was getting easier at around the 6 month mark, silly me deciding to drink in a controlled manner at the 8 month mark, really, how many people are in control every time they drink? Very few….

Well I’ve been saying to a few of my OYNB friends that I keep waiting for those inevitable cravings to hit, the ones I have had in the past that either make me feel like a child who’s about to lose their shit because they can’t have the toy or candy they want. Orrrrr the who that is so bad that the child’s mother (I am playing both rolls in this scenario since one part of me would be having the tantrum wanting a drink while they other would be desperately trying to convince myself that it was not worth it and I had to just wait it out…) would just say frig it in and give in and give the child what they wanted. Or in my case, give in to the voices in my own head and have the damn drink! So far this hasn’t happened. I did feel slightly out of sorts last evening but I had an insanely busy week, didn’t eat quite enough yesterday and my kiddos had friends over for the night last night. It wasn’t that I was seriously craving but I felt like I wanted SOMETHING. So, I had a virgin Caesar and a couple of Heinekin 0.0’s along with some crispy minis and 2 hazelnut Hershey kisses. That worked just fine, went to bed feeling great as well as sober and not cranky šŸ˜‰

I keep trying to figure out why this seems to be relatively easy this time around, I think it must be a combination of a few things… I’ve done it before so I know what to expect. I didn’t feel like IĀ  “had” to this time around but I WANTED to. I want a better life, I want it for me, I want it for my family, I just WANT it. I don’t see alcohol in that equation and actually, since I know I have a bit of an issue with abusing it by times, I also know where that will lead eventually and that life my friends looks much worse, not better!

I’m now down 6 pounds! woot woot! That’s an average of 2lbs per week which is absolutely fine with me! The plan of actually making sure I eat 3 meals a day is still on track, a snack as well, major increase in my veggie intake, 3 litres of water minimum and minimal “junk” food. I feel like this is something I can stick to long term. Why it took me so many years to get my mind back to this instead of constantly trying these fad diets and wanting quick results is beyond me! Walking is also still going well, still only 3x per week right now but as the weather gets nicer here I can see me upping that. Right now I do a 10km on Tuesday and a 5km on both Thursday and once over the weekend, which will be today at some point. It looks pretty chilly out here right now but at least the sun is shining šŸ™‚

Happy Sunday and on to the end of the first month!


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