Day 9. First major social event Done!

Well I survived the concert!!! I more than survived, I had FUN! Well as much fun as one can have at the worst concert they’ve ever been to… Hubby and friend got on my nerves very briefly at the hotel while they were having their preconcert drinks, but once I got some food into them and sobered them up a bit all was good ๐Ÿ™‚ andddddd I found Heineken Non alcoholic beer! We can’t get it here yet so I was pretty darn excited to try it, it was really good! Wishing I had bought more to have home but I wasn’t sure I would like it lol. Oh well, next time I see it somewhere I will definitely be grabbing a case. Normally Budweiser prohibition is my go to but it has almost twice as many calories and carbs so I always feel a little guilty when I have it, I guess for the amount I actually drink it I don’t really need to worry about it though ๐Ÿ™‚

So I have a confession to make. I’ve been a little concerned about why I’m finding this so easy so far, not during the week since I didn’t drink much then anyways, but the weekends? and the concert? It hasn’t really bothered me much if at all not to be drinking… My biggest concern with the concert was whether I would have fun and whether I would ruin their night because I was no fun or cranky. So of course, being the overthinker that I am, I started kind of panicking that one of these days I’m going to wake up and have massive cravings and not be able to cope with them. Then I got thinking about what is different this time around… Well, back in December I was (finally) diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve suspected it for years, well since my son was diagnosed about 6 years ago since HE IS JUST LIKE ME. lol. Anyways, my Dr. tried me on a medication after the diagnosis and I took it for about a month but then stopped it, it did nothing for me other than make me feel kind of stoned, not really what I was going for! I had another appointment with her a couple of weeks ago and told her I had discontinued it and why so she suggested we try a different one and I agreed and OMG, I feel like a different person, in a good way. I am able to focus, I can start and finish a task without buzzing all over the house and starting 10 other tasks and not finishing any of them! I actually asked my husband the other night if this is what “normal people” feel like? and then I cried. lol. How long have I struggled? Felt lazy, useless, dumb, etc…? yearsssssssss. Now I’m starting to realize that maybe it wasn’t just personality defects like I had always thought, but maybe it really is the ADHD. So back to my original point. I have done a lot of reading on ADHD/alcohol abuse and guess what? It’s very common in people who are undiagnosed/unmedicated… guess what else? In a lot of the reading I have done on forums there seem to be many people who no longer feel the desire to drink once they are on the proper meds and managing their ADHD correctly, hmmmmmm… Maybe THIS is why I am not craving it? Because my brain has finally settled enough that I don’t feel I need to use wine to calm down or relax? I may be wrong but I feel like that is the reason, it has to be, and it does make sense…. food for thought for anyone out there going through it.

Well my yoga is done for the day, now my blogging is done too ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided that writing every single day might be overkill since I really don’t always have something interesting to say lol. I’m likely going to stick to a couple of posts a week unless I have a day that I really feel the need to say something ๐Ÿ˜‰ Time to get ready for work now, busy day ahead and then supper out with my 3 favorite humans.


and this just because it made me giggle! Hopefully it will make someone else smile too ๐Ÿ™‚ Have an awesome Saturday to anyone who reads this!


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